Session 9    Saturday April 18
THE PARAMOUNT CENTER – Bright Family Screening Room
559 Washington Street Boston MA 02111
11:00am – 2:30pm


Beatniks                                            2 MIN

BeatniksBohemians from 1959

Director, Producer: Mick Cusimano

Country (USA)




Grapes                                          8 MIN
Grapes explores the highs and lows of a tumultuous young couple through their innocent beginning to their bittersweet end. This short film shows how love can change

Cast: Jake Cannavale, Nicole Ledoux
Written By: Jordan Hwang
Director: Jordan Hwang
Producer: Matt Ciampa
Executive Producer: N/A
Country: USA


Supposed to be First                             8 MIN
With the clock ticking down on the anniversary of their child’s death, a young couple ponders not only the final thoughts of their progeny, but also the intricacies of life, eventually revealing that the events preceding their conversation are far less than innocent…

Cast: Charlie Gorrilla, Mackenzie Hawkins
Written By: John Kelley
Director: Michelle Jackson
Producer: Michelle Jackson
Executive Producer: John Kelley
Country: USA


Mounia Dans tous ses etats (Mounia In all her States)                             9 MIN
A girl laments that her unrequited love is rejected, yet she can’t seem to keep away from eager suitors; none of them suitable!

Cast: Mounia Davis

Written By: Mounia Davis

Director: Norman Lang
Producer: Norman Lang
Executive Producer: N/A
Country: USA/France


Last Shot                                  10 MIN
Last shotA bartender tries to close for the evening while his last customer orders five shots and proceeds to tell him a series of unsettling stories that will forever change both men’s lives.

Cast: Eric Shephed, Lisa Sheldon, Scott Subiono, Sean O’Riordan, Michael J. Hansen, Justin Verstegen, Emma Danoff, Brook Power, Ben Rayder

Written By: Jeff Perreca, Jim Millis
Director: Greg Popp
Producer: Henri Dragonas
Executive Producers: Lisa Sheldon, Eric Shephed
Country: USA


After Ella                                         16 MIN
Hope is a successful photographer. Introverted and quiet, her demeanor plays in stark contrast to her glamorous work environment. When she learns that her sister Ella has passed away, Hope is stunned… until she begins to receive text messages from her. Are they for real? Using art as a tool for recovery, Hope begins to accept the fatality of death. She will evoke her sister’s presence – alive and in memoriam.

Cast: Maria Rondeau, Marie Strasser, Kira Hartness, Jonathan Hadley, Traci Thoresen, Stella Guest, Heidi Legg, Erin Cunningham, David B. Houston, Andrew Hartness

Written By: Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness
Director: Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness
Producer: Not specified
Executive Producer: Not Specified
Country: USA

Mail Man                                         23 MIN
Frank is 8 years old when his father dies, leaving him one last letter. He grows up to become a mailman. In a world of texting and email, he finds himself delivering fewer and fewer letters. And yet there are moments in his daily routine where he brings his customers mail of true value. His wife’s suggestions that he find a better job fall on deaf ears. But he has to face the reality of Post Office closings and cutbacks. Then a long lost letter and a crazed dog team up with a techie teenager to offer an unexpected solution.

Cast: Bradley Van Dussen, Brian Hill, Douglas Balakovich, Jon Korzeniowski, Kameron J. Brown, Kimbette Fenol, Kobi Polisky, Luisa Marie Badaracco, Mikayla Cramer, Noah Sanderson, Pamela Chabora, Stephanie Cotton-Snell, Wendy Feign, Zele Avradopoulos, Bill Aydelott, Bari Robinson, Alison Wachtler
Written By: David Graves William Aydelott
Director: William Aydelott
Producer: David Graves
Executive Producers: Courtland Jones, Dennissa Young, Harrison Allen, Kelly Chick, Simeon Pol
Country: USA

One Armed Man                                            39 MIN
One Armed manCW Rowe has it all. He owns the cotton gin, making him the wealthiest man in Harrison, Texas, and his ascendancy has solidified an unshakable belief in the system that enriched him. Few things ever interrupt the purity of his vision, with the exception of the weekly visit of a young man, Ned, who lost an arm in the gin’s machinery. Ned is a little touched and believes CW can give him his arm back. On a normal day, he goes away when CW offers him five dollars. But today is anything but a normal day.

Cast: Charles Haid, John Magaro, Terry Kinney, Philippe Petit, Mike Merenda, Josh Trudell, Carson Kinney
Written By: Horton Foote
Director: Tim Guinee
Producer: Hallie Foote, Bruno Michels
Executive Producer: Philip Seymour Hoffman
Country: USA


12:45am – 2:30pm

Moments Of Clarity                 97 min

A repressed agoraphobic’s daughter meets a hardened pastor’s daughter, and while escaping their homes to attend the annual church youth group jamboree they discover their worlds aren’t what they once thought they were.

Cast:  Lyndsy Fonseca, Eric Roberts, Marguerite Moreau, Xander Berkeley, Jonathan Lajoie, Mackenzie Astin, Bitty Schram, A.J. Trauth, Don Creech and Saxon Trainor.

Writers: Christian Lloyd, Kristin Wallace and Cody Brown.

Director: Stev Elam

Producer: David J. Phillips
Co-Producers: Corbin Timbrook and Kristin Wallace

Country: USA