Session 8      Saturday April 18
Broadway Pictures Entertainment Inc. Studio
9A Hamilton Place Boston, MA 02108
11:00am – 12:30pm


君のいない教室(An Empty Seat) 37 min

An Empty SeatAn Empty Seat2Story is about the conflict and regret of a 14 year-old junior high school student who decides to take his life. Wataru Inoue(14) jumped to his death from his school’s rooftop. In the week following his suicide a mix of classmates emerge. There are those who bullied him, those who watched day-in-and-day-out as he was bullied choosing to do nothing. And then there were those classmates who didn’t even notice the pain Wataru was going through. In the days following his suicide and for the rest of their lives, Wataru’s classmates are left with mixed emotions from sadness and regret to anger. This leads to further collapse in the classroom and asks the question: how will Wataru’s classmates come to terms with his death?

Cast: Jukiya Kageyama, Kurahito Aragane, Liam Ashizawa, Mamichi Moriya, Taichi Umezawa, Taiki Ishikawa, Takuya Yoshikoshi, Urara Hagihara, Yuna Iwasaki

Writer, Producer: Takashi Yamamoto

Country: Japan


The Vigil      53 min

The Vigil is the story of Gina, an undocumented single mother who, armed with the Virgin of Guadalupe, faith and tradition, sets out to stop America’s most controversial immigration law.

Writer, Director: Jenny Alexander