Session 4     Friday April 17
Broadway Pictures Entertainment Inc. Studio
9A Hamilton Place Boston, MA 02108
5:00pm  –  7:00pm


 The Stones of the Quarries               8 min

THE STONES OF THE QUARRIESThe Stones of the Quarries is a short documentary connecting historians, nature preservers, and quarry workers to the world of granite quarrying in northern Massachusetts. An industry that once encapsulated Cape Ann in the 1800s until the great depression, leaves behind traces of its history not only in the quarries themselves but in the roads, bridges, monuments and buildings that helped rebuild America after the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars, stretching from Massachusetts to as far south as New Orleans Louisiana. Maybe even in your own town.

  • Writer, Writer, Producer:  Rob Apse
  • Country: USA


La Belle Vie: The Good Life          62 min

La Belle VieLa Belle Vie: The Good Life is a story about a Haitian-American filmmaker, Rachelle Salnave’s journey to discover her Haitian roots by examining the complexities of the Haitian society as it pertains to the overall political and economic dichotomy in Haiti. Using her own personal family stories interconnected with capturing the voices of Haitians and experts overall, this film chronologically uncovers the rational behind its social class system but also how it has affected the Haitian American migration experience as well. With the proliferation of political turmoil, poverty, and now an Earthquake shattered nation, La Belle Vie: The Good Life in the end beckons all to lay down their arms, be it the tangible weapons of death and pain or the psychological and spiritual tools of division and prejudice, and work as one to rebuild and prosper in the name of a new and stronger Haiti. This film in the end invokes the question whether or not its tragic event will shift the consciousness of all Haitians (living in Haiti or abroad) by motivating them to unite to build a new Haiti.

  • Cast: Hurby LuvBug, Laurent Lamothe, Melky Jean, Michel Martelly, Wyclef Jean,
  • Writer, Producer: Rachelle Salnave
  • Country: Haiti