Session 22     Sunday April 19
THE PARAMOUNT CENTER – Bright Family Screening Room
559 Washington Street Boston MA 02111
8:30pm – 10:30pm


The Road to Sainte-Mère-Église                           10 min

The road to St.mere egliseTwo soldiers left behind during the Allied advance in Western France. Discipline will be tested.

Writer: Benjamin Kramer

Producers: Benjamin Kramer, Hunter Nolan, Nick Libbey

Country: USA





Descendants of the Past, Ancestors of the Future             16 min

Inspired by real events, DESCENDANTS OF THE PAST, ANCESTORS OF THE FUTURE is a moving and heartfelt film about Andrew, the son of Chinese immigrants, who is about to become a father to a baby girl. To ease his apprehension about his impending fatherhood, Andrew desperately needs to understand how his mother Ellen and her own father could have lived apart for most of their lives. When Ellen finally gains the courage to speak about her father after years of restraint, Andrew begins to understand the extraordinary sense of kinship that binds him to his ancestors and descendants, ultimately sending Andrew on a journey that leads to his grandfather. DESCENDANTS OF THE PAST, ANCESTORS OF THE FUTURE is an inspiring story about the incredible bond within a multi-generational Asian family that transcends both time and national boundaries.

Cast:  Albert M. Chan, Tina Chen, Corey Tow, Robert Paul Breen, Sienna Tow

Writer: Albert M. Chan

Producers; Aaron Howland, Albert M. Chan, Seth Howland, Richard Possemato, Peter Chan, Brian D. Evans, Betty Chan

Country: USA


A Sort of Homecoming                           88 min

A Sort of HomecomingA Sort of Homecoming tells the story of Amy (Michelle Clunie), a New York news producer who thought she left her high school experiences long in the past. She unexpectedly returns to Louisiana at the request of her high school debate coach (Kathleen Wilhoite). Their strained reunion brings back memories of her tumultuous senior year of high school. Through a series of flashbacks, we follow young Amy (Laura Marano) and her debate partner Nick (Parker Mack) on the highly competitive national debate circuit as they meet compatriots (Katherine McNamara) and competitors from top high schools around the country and the college coaches who control access to valuable scholarships.

Cast:  Katherine McNamara, Kathleen Wilhoite, Laura Marano, Michelle Clunie, Marcus Brown, Parker Mack

Writer:  Lynn Reed

Producers:  Lynn Reed, Marcus Brown.

Country: USA