Session 23      Sunday April 19
Broadway Pictures Entertainment Inc. Studio
9A Hamilton Place Boston, MA 02108
9:00pm – 11:00pm


Mother      10 min

MotherAs a young man lays dying, his history of anger, addiction, and resentment is forced to the surface as his mother displays the depths to which she’ll go for the love of a child.

Cast: Michael Nigro, David Skyler, Ari Gelman and Beth Baur

Writer, Director, Producer: Gregory G. Allen

Country: USA


Farzand Chahrom (The Fourth Child)                    96 min

Two on the road: an actress who is giving up cinema and discovering a new world in photography and a man who lost his factory. The destination is Somalia where human dignity proves to be the conqueror even in the hard times of war and starvation.

Cast: Mehdi Hashemi

Writer, Director, Producer: Vahid Mousaian

Country: Iran