Session 21        Sunday April 19
Broadway Pictures Entertainment Inc. Studio
9A Hamilton Place Boston, MA 02108
6:30pm – 8:30pm


The Big Break                              5 min

A postive young actress believes she is set for stardom after auditioning for a role in a big theater production. Only to realize she is cast for a minor role, she still stays positive and find good things still can come out of a tough situation if you take a closer look.

Cast: Alina Collins, Dave Brown, Josh Bryant, Michael Divers, Sami Ahmed, Sara Torres

Writer: Mannon Butt, Rene Burgos, Tony Marquez

Producers: Tony Marquez, Mannon Butt, Victor Santos.

Country: USA


THE GREAT VICTORY                    110 min

The Great VictoryMax had a humble and troubled childhood, with difficulties he was raised by his mother and grandfather. Through judo, the boy gets involved with the principles of martial arts and tracks a path of overcoming and learning in an exciting story in search of a dream: to become an Olympic champion.

Cast: Caio Castro, Felipe Falanga, Carlos Massa “Ratinho”, Demian Maia,
Felipe Folgosi, Ken Kaneko, Moacyr Franco, Rosi Campos, Sabrina Sato,
Sidney Santiago, Suzana Pires, Tato Gabus Mendes, Tuna Dwek

Writer: Paulo Marcelo Do Vale, Stefano Capuzzi Lapietra, agner Hilário

Producers: Stefano Capuzzi Lapietra

Country: Brazil