Session 18    Sunday April 19
THE PARAMOUNT CENTER – Bright Family Screening Room
559 Washington Street Boston MA 02111
3:00pm – 5:30pm


The Last Delivery                               19 MIN

The last DeliveryA Russian Spy girl got arrested in Cambridge Massachusetts. As the news spread that day, Kristina a young Russian woman who work at a flower shop in Boston is facing stereotype from people who are fascinating about the news.

Cast: Claudia Bebeli, Dan Marshall, Floyd Anderson, Gauri Chandna, Joe Jafo Carriere and Yancey Lu.

Writer, Director, Producer: Patrick Jerome

Country: USA



Chasing Rainbows                                              95 MIN
Chasing RainbowsChasing Rainbows is in the tradition of New York, New York; Cabaret; and West Side Story. But its deeper influence comes from Orpheus by Claudio Monteverdi, which is considered to be the first opera in music history. In the opera, Orpheus descends into Hades to save his wife and bring her back to life. In Chasing Rainbows, a girl (Scarlet) finds she was adopted and goes on a search for her parents. This brings her to the darker side of Boston, where her real mother is a well-known nightclub singer. Like Orpheus, Scarlet faces dangerous tests before she is able to face her mother. In one way or another, every major character is the film is chasing a rainbow

Cast: Natalie Neilson, Kristy Torhaug, Michel Riddez, Jack Gallo, Indra Tracy, Chris Cotton and Joe Pike.
Writer, Director, Producer: Robert Fritz
Co-Producers: Norman Lang, Patrick Jerome
Executive Producer: Robert Fritz, Rosalind Fritz and Terry Ortynsky.
Country: USA


Without The Ancestors                             9 MIN

In Mattapan, Boston, an evangelical Haitian man steals his niece’s costume for a school play about the Haitian Revolution, afraid that her participation will honor the Vodou ceremony that began Haiti’s fight for independence. The girl’s grandmother (and caretaker) decides not to allow this religious fundamentalism dictate her granddaughter’s life, so she and the girl infiltrate the uncle’s apartment to take back the costume and get to the play on time.

Cast: Rosette DesDunes, Marie Ange Perou, Kayla Burnett, Charldyn Valcin.
Writer: Christelle Pierre-Louis, Jonathan DiMaio
Director: Jonathan DiMaio
Country: USA