Session 15    Saturday April 18
THE PARAMOUNT CENTER – Bright Family Screening Room
559 Washington Street Boston MA 02111
8:30pm – 10:30pm


The Hebbie Jibbies                        9 Min
After hearing a scary bedtime story, a young boy and girl become convinced they have monsters under their beds. They may be right…
Cast: Brendan Mulhern, Katie Preisig, Liam Slawsby, Lyla Slawby
Writer, Director, Producer: Todd Slawsby
Country: USA


100 Yards Away                               20 Min

100 Yards AwayYards away from everyone in the world. That’s how far Nina’s mother, Paula Duchemin, feels her daughter is. Nina Duchemin is 15 years old, going through a phase in her life when no one can reach her, she has a bitter attitude towards all of her surroundings. Nina’s friends, teachers and family are looking to help her, but they all feel she cannot hear them, that their voices are 100 yards away.

Cast: Rebecca Noel Zama, Marie Blaise, Karm Syndia, Cora Swise, Jay Uhler, Jim Shalkoski Jr. Roger Dillingham and Wittly Jourdan.

Writer, Director, Producer: Patrick Jerome

Country: USA


The Sisterhood of Night                             98 MIN
The sisterhood of nightThe story begins when Emily Parris exposes a secret society of teenage girls who have slipped out of the world of social media, into a mysterious world deep in the woods. Emily’s allegations of sexually deviant activities throw the town of Kingston into hysteria and the national media spotlight. As the accused uphold a vow of silence, Emily’s blog takes an unexpected turn when girls across the country emerge with personal stories of sexual abuse. Why are the Sisterhood girls willing to risk so much for a ritualistic gathering in the woods? From the story by Pulitzer Prize-winner Steven Millhauser, THE SISTERHOOD OF NIGHT chronicles a provocative alternative to adolescent loneliness, revealing the tragedy and humor of teenage years changed forever by the Internet age.

Cast: Olivia DeJonge, Willa Cuthrell, George Henley, Jessica Hecht, Kai Penn, Kara Hayward, Laura Fraser, Louis Changchien, 

Writer: Marilyn Fu
Director: Caryn Waechter
Producer: Elizabeth Cuthrell, Lydia Dean Pilcher
Executive Producer: David Urrutia
Country: USA