Session 12    Saturday April 18
THE PARAMOUNT CENTER – Bright Family Screening Room
559 Washington Street Boston MA 02111
3:00pm – 5:30pm


A TENISTA (Tennis Girl)                             14 MIN

Cartaz-TENNIS-GIRL-ImpressoJu is late for her pricey private lessons. Consumed in a marathon of family chaos, SMS texting and hormones, the improbable pubescent tennis player runs from a secret.

Writer, Director: Daniel Barosa
Country: Brazil



Paddys in the Boot                          22 min

In Dalkey, Ireland, murdering a pedophile is doing gods work. Even if hes a your family priest. For two small time Irish stick up men burdened with the task, being Catholic can be an occupational hazard. Using an old collectible Nazi Pistol can be a discussion unto its own.

Cast: Eoin Macken, Ger Carey, Kevin Ryan, Rory Mullen, John David Whalen and Melissa Nolan

Writer: George Robert Thompson.

Director: Kevin Shulman

Producer: Kevin Ryan

Country: Ireland

How I Dumped My ex Boy Friend’s Body                71 MIN

Maxine and Shae have been best friends since grade school, so when Maxine accidentally kills her boyfriend she naturally asks Shae to help her cover up the murder. After multiple failed attempts the two decide to bring in a professional to clean up their mess, but he turns out to be nothing like they were expecting. Maxine and Shae will have to make it through the day by avoiding the police, fending off nosey neighbors, and surviving a wrathful mobster all while pushing their friendship to its maximum.
Writer, Director: Dennis Nadeau
Country: USA