Session 11   Saturday April 18
Broadway Pictures Entertainment Inc. Studio
9A Hamilton Place Boston, MA 02108
3:00pm – 4:30pm


The Perfect Woman             7 MIN
The Perfect WomanA man taking part in a laboratory testing program is shocked by a seductive and very realistic android

Cast: Chase Bailey, Morganna Ekkens, Ben Robertson
Writers: Chase Bailey, Dennis Collins Johnson, Derek R Brigham
Director: Dennis Collins Johnson
Producer: Karlina Lyons

Country: USA



Iris                 9 MIN
IrisDevoted teenage boyfriend Marshall worries his girlfriend Iris, who has Asperger’s Syndrome might be losing her grip on reality when she tells him she sees another world.
Cast: Bea Santos, Atticus Mitchell, Allegra Fulton
Writers: Simone Stock, Jay Randall
Director: Simone Stock
Producers: J. Miles Dale, Jay Randall, Misha Skoric
Executive Producer: Simone Stock
Country: Canada



Hipopotamy                       12 MIN
HipopotamyA few naked women and children are bathing in a river. They are being secretly observed by a group of men, who, at one point decide to approach them…

Cast: WriterDirector: Piotr Dumala
Country: Poland


Oasis                                         15 MIN
OasisAfter her husband dies, Nieves inherits his job as the super of a decaying apartment complex in New York City. But the job becomes more difficult than she anticipated when she discovers a young girl locked in one of the units

Writer, Director: Carmen Jimenez
Country: USA



Between Times                              14 MIN
Between TimesInspired by the poetic meditations on relativity in Alan Lightman’s “Einstein’s Dreams,” ‘Between Times’ is the story of a single, transformative day told from the point-of-view of a small cuckoo clock pinned to a bakery wall. Each character that comes into the bakery has a different relationship to time: the Baker cuts bread into one second thick slices; the Neighbor lives under the pressing imperative of a biological clock; the Clock Repairman fixes broken time; an Older Lady moves her flower pot according to the changes of the sun. As the story unfolds, our cuckoo clock narrator is liberated from her fixed view and is able to transcend the boundaries of time and space.

Writer, Director: Ru Kuwahata
Country: Netherlands


REM                                   16 MIN
Have you ever shared a dream with someone else? That is Lays story, a young man with a nondescript daily life, whose only purpose is to sleep to meet the woman he loves. His whole world changes when she comes in to the real world to rescue him. But from whom?
WriterDirector: Joseba Alfaro
Country: Spain


En las nubes (In The Clouds)                                 20 MIN
In The CloudThe difference between how we think romance should work and how it actually does is at the comedic heart of EN LAS NUBES, an exploration of cultural disagreements about intimacy, love, and marriage proposals in the age of YouTube.

Writer, Director: Marcelo Mitnik
Country: Argentina