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Session 9                Sunday April 13


7:30pm – 9:30pm

Constraints             9 min

CONSTRAINTS is the story of a former nude model whose portrait is used to explore notions of exploitation vs. empowerment. While visualizing the tenuous line between ‘art’ and ‘pornography,’ the film extrapolates the details of the model’s former lifestyle: why it started, what happened at shoots, and why it ultimately wasn’t for her. Through aesthetic mystery and underlying tension, the documentary illuminates certain paradoxes of representation – the difference between intent and viewership. Told through the words of a former model this tale of personal regret is made even more urgent because ‘what goes on the Internet, stays there forever.’

Producer, Director: Eric Gulliver.

Country: USA


Skinheads in Love Skinheads in Love         17 min

From director Dirk Craft (Nip/Tuck, Burn Notice) and based on the comic book by Bob Fingerman (Playboy, High Times) comes the sexual misadventures of two head shaved NYC punk rockers. Featuring songs by The Germs, Agnostic Front, Plastic Bertrand and more!

Director: Dirk Craft

Writer: Chris Petit

Cast: Edgar Fox, Jennifer Daley.

Country: USA


Empire Gypsy Empire Gypsy                       80min

In a Bronx dispatch the aspirations and misdeeds of cab drivers, call-girls and low level thugs collide in one wild night.

Writer, Producer, Director: Sean Slater

Executive Producer: Joseph Ruzer.

Country: USA