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Session 8                Sunday April 13


5:00pm – 7:15pm


Wild Horses PosterWild Horses                       19min

In this story, that spans one day, cruelty, courage, love and memory collide as two generations of women bear witness to the brutality common to wild horse roundups in the American West.

Writer, Director: Stephanie Martin

Executive Producers: Maria Cozzi,Sara Nichols, Spyros Skouras, Stacie Mathewson

Cast: Mireille Enos, Brooke Shields, Barbara Tarbuck

Country: USA


Adobe Photoshop PDFBENT                             20 min

Growing up in a religious cult, Jackie and Amelia, now in their late thirties, meet up once a year at Amelia’s mother’s grave to reconnect and talk about life. ‘Are we broken?’ they ask themselves, only to decide after a topless escapade through their old sect, that they are only bent. Bent is a short film about those life long friendships that thankfully keep us feeling normal.

Writer, Director, Producer: Amy Jo Johnson

Cast: Amy Jo Johnson, Sonya Salomaa, Jessica Adams, Michael Cram.

Country: Canada


Redemption Trail Redemption Trail             90 min

Two driven, imperfect women are the heroes of this contemporary Western. From opposite sides of the track — a privileged young doctor and a convicted felon with ties to the Black Panthers — Anna (Lily Rabe) and Tess (LisaGay Hamilton) have nothing in common except a fatal pessimism about life, the legacy of deep personal loss. But fate carves a bridge between the two outsiders — and, united in a grief that sets them apart from the world, they form an unlikely, mythic alliance, seeking justice outside the law.

Writer, Producer, Director: Britta Sjogren

Executive Producer: Cathy Greenwold, Lisa Naito, Scott Verges

Cast: Lily Rabe, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Hamish Linklater, Jake Weber.

Country: USA