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Session 7                Sunday April 13


2:30pm – 5:30pm


Reaching Home Reaching Home               16min 

Most boats sail best while on a ‘reach'; angled with the wind just off to one side. So goes the passage through the doldrums of loss. Janet’s plans for a peaceful holiday dinner are blown astray when her grown sons face off over what should happen next–for her. Can she take back the tiller and chart her own course to recovery?

Writer, Director: Kenneth Murphy

Producer: Rachel Brenna

Cast: Debra Monk, Ava Paloma, Nick Coleman,Maren Bush, Eric Miller

Country: USA


Legacy CleaningLegacy Cleaning            14min

A maid finds herself alone in a mansion and thinks she’s found the secret to happiness in how the other half lives.

Writer, Director: Kerstin Karlhuber

Co-writer: Jack Bryant

Executive Producer: Stephane Wyper

Cast:Denise Dorado, Bebe Booth

Country: USA


Rewilding America
Rewilding America: Lessons learned from the Cape Cod Bear         52min

In May 2012, a black bear altered the course of Massachusetts wildlife history, completing a journey from the mainland to the tip of Cape Cod. The first bear sighting in centuries captured the imagination, attention and hearts of everyone from locals to tourists, law enforcement to TV crews and Tweeters all hoping to catch a glimpse or even capture the elusive bear himself. The film chronicles this bear’s travels while digging into the dilemma of human co-existence with an increasingly emboldened wildlife population across North America. Blending humor and hard hitting facts, the doc includes a range of perspectives from a wildlife biologist, zoo curator, veterinarian, cub rescuer, park rangers, hunter, Cape Cod nature writer and a Provincetown entrepreneur. 

 The film examines conservation with a focus on the conditions that lead individuals to participate in environmentally sustainable behaviors, thus assuring the continuity and health of wildlife and our shared landscapes.

Writer, Producer, Director: Maryanne Galvin

Cast: Adrian Hernandez

Country: USA