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 Session 4              Saturday April 12

5:00pm – 7:00pm


SMS PoetSMS Poets            6 min

At a train station in Connecticut, a young man overhears a young woman share her phone number as she tries to find a ride back to New York City. He decides to text her and begins a series of romantic SMS exchanges. They chat until the last train arrives.

Writer: Kevin Kuo, Director:Kevin Kuo, Excutive Producer:Aaron Di Piazza, Alex Rascovar, Kevin Kuo

Cast: Caitlin McColl, Matt Farber, Courtney Bunbury

Country: USA


Chasing PastChasing The Past          17 min

After the loss of his fiance from a car accident, Zach falls into seclusion and separation from society to help cope with the pain. While out on one of his jogs through the desert he meets a female self-proclaimed time traveler who’s running away from a mysterious man that she claims is from the future. Zach must now protect her but maybe it’s her who’s here to protect him.

Writer, Director: Jonathan Salemi

Assistant Directors: Gregg Land and Kevin Huie.

Executive Producer: Adam Marcinowski, Alyssa Swanzey, Jonathan Salemi

Cast: Adam Marcinowski, Alycia Grant, Ceri Bethan, Eliana Saenz, Jamie Salemi, Joberde Metellus and Graham Shiels

Country: USA


The Age of ReasonThe Age of Reason           91 min

On the last summer weekend after graduating high school, Oz has a choice to make: skip town to Nashville and try out for major league baseball, or stay and care for his little sister and best friend. After his alcoholic father convinces him not to go, Oz realizes that his father purposely sabotaged his chances at being a professional pitcher. Without a car or support from his friends and family, Oz has only hours to find his glove and find a way out to Nashville.

Writer: Andrew Schrader, Jordan Harris

Director: Andrew Schrader, Garret Danks, Jordan Harris, Michelle Millette

Executive Producers: Ann Patrie, Chris Patrie, Philip Marlatt, Walter S. Hall

Cast: Amy Kay Raymond, Avi Lake, Blake Sheldon, Bob King, Carter Canion, John Wirt, Julie Dell Phillips, Lochlyn Munro, Megan Devine, Myles Tufts, Philip Marlatt, Tom Sizemore.

Country: USA