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Session 33              Sunday April 20


6:30pm – 7:45pm


It doesn't Make SenseIt doesn’t make sense                        5min

In the music video It Doesn’t Make Sense, filmmaker/songwriter Ken Glaser takes on the role of detached observer in commenting on our so-called ‘modern’ society. Ken uses still photos, flashed at various speeds, to illustrate the intense and witty verse lyrics, while video of him playing various instruments supports the choruses. World politics and socio-economic policy and disparity are the dominant themes as Ken bemoans that we’re ‘still analog minds in a digital age’ and asks ‘What is the future of this ‘human’ race?’ In addition to writing the song behind the video, Ken played all the instruments and sang all the vocal parts.

Writer, Director, Producer: Ken Glaser

Country: USA


Jose Canseco Jose Canseco: The Truth Hurts                   62min

No figure in recent sports history is as divisive as Jose Canseco. Millions of baseball fans remember him as the powerhouse slugger who earned one of the sports rare statistics: 40/40. But millions more remember him as the whistle blower whose admission to steroids juicing exposed a scandal that overshadowed his remarkable career, and led to the Congressional hearings that cast a pall over America’s greatest pastime, baseball. Now, Jose finally speaks out. What emerges is a nuanced portrait of a man driven by grief and a promise made. Only time will tell whether history remembers Jose Canseco as a legend, a whistler blower or a scapegoat. But this candid documentary will leave audiences convinced of one inescapable fact. The Truth Hurts.

Director: Bill McAdams Jr

Producer: Therese Moncrief

Country: USA