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2:30pm – 4:30pm

DisorderDisorder                  8 min

Jordan, a young man with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, reflects upon his relationship with his girlfriend and trials with maintaining a sense of normalcy in their relationship.

Writer: Pamela Mora

Director: Jacob Morrison, Cooper Vacheron, Pamela Mora, 

Executive Producer: Pamela Mora, Ted Keffer

Cast: John Taylor, Dana Stern

Country: USA


Franky and the antFranky and The Ant             9min

Franky has been betrayed and everyone close to him soon discovers that vengeance is not what he seeks. He wants a lot more than that.

Writer, Director, Executive Producer: Billy Hayes

Cast : Anthony Pavelich, Christine Woods, Emmanuel Torodov

Country: USA


Godverdomme CoffeeGodverdomme Coffee      10 min

Godverdomme Coffee is a dark comedy about a Dutch tourist on death row who must do everything in his power to overcome the burdensome bureaucracy of the Singaporean prison system if he wishes to get his last meal request filled. Like any good cup of coffee, this comedy is black.

Writers: Eric Elofson, Chris Rebbert

Director: Eric Elofson

Executive Producer: Su Ching Teh

Cast: Michael Chua, Sjors Wijers, Tim Garner

Country: Singapore


Separate WaysSeparate Ways               13 min 

A chance encounter with a castoff teddy bear turns out to be a young man’s saving grace.

Writer: Karen Wang

Director: Karen Wang

Executive Producer: Eric Richmond, Justin Donham

Cast: Alberto Zambenedetti, Constance Labbe, Eli Bailey, Justin Donham

Country: USA


Living the dream Living The Dream             14 min 

A young gangster has aspirations of quickly moving up the ranks of a modestly sized Jersey crime syndicate, but soon discovers that cutting corners will lead to troubling consequences.

Writer: Adam Paschal, Gerry Kim

Director: Gerry Kim

Executive Producer: Michele De Caro

Cast: Abdel Gonzalez, Andrey Drozdov, Andy Hassell, Johnny Lin, Moti Margolin, Rita Markova, Shang-Ho Huang, Stass Klassen, Vitali Baganov

Country: USA


BulletProof Bulletproof            35 min

Bulletproof is the story of young Benny Jackson, who is in danger of losing the beloved family business, Bulletproof Jackson’s Saloon to an avaricious developer. In his quest, Benny stumbles across a journal that belonged to his great great grandfather, the famous gunslinger Bulletproof Jackson.  We are brought back to the wild west where we learn the true legend of Bulletproof and perhaps the secret that will save the Saloon. 
Bulletproof was made by Zeno Mountain Farm, by actor’s with and without disabilities. No one is paid or pays to be a part of the film making process and all proceeds of the film go towards creating our next.”

Writer: Peter Lazarus, Will Halby

Director: Peter Lazarus

Executive Producer: Will Halby

Cast: Alec Bandler, David Arquette, Jake Waltuck, Jeremy Vest, Katie White, Zack Gottsagen.

Country: USA