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Session 29                  Saturday April 19


10:00pm – 11:55pm


No such Luck                   4min

No Such Luck is the story of a hapless female in Atlantic City trying her luck but losing. A small story with big implications about hopeless hope.

Writer, Director, Producer : Laura Harrison

Cast : Laura Harrison

Country: USA


MOTHER LOVEMother Love                 12 min 

MotherLove is a pitch black comedy that focuses on a particularly dysfunctional family’s attempt at living a “normal” life. But it’s not easy when you’re a 25-year-old single guy who’s still living with a mother who runs a phone sex business from her basement, and a stay-at-home drunk, Fox News worshipping father! 

Writer, Director, Producer: Jennifer Scharf

Country: USA


Helen Alone Helen Alone                   98 min

Recently relocated, Helen Olsen is an only child living a sheltered life with her parents in suburbia. Left alone by her parents for the first time, innocent and naive Helen is forced to fend for herself in a world turned upside down with an odd cast of characters, all battling to control her fate. Helen’s 24-hour journey takes her underneath the surface of the idyllic town. Be it her friends, neighbors or the local authorities, Helen quickly discovers that the world is not the same when you have to stand on your own feet. Having lost her way and her innocence, Helen must find a way to survive the night and get back home before her parents return.

Writer, Director, Producer: Henrik Bech Poulsen

Cast: Alexis Raich, Chris Devlin, DC Douglas, Daniel Baldwin, Priscilla Barnes. 

Country: USA