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Session 28             Saturday April 19


5:00pm – 7:00pm


AKT 2 AKT2                   35min

After years apart, two people meet by accident and hide secrets from each other. The meeting leads to moments of truth in each of their lives, and illusions are shattered, the past is explained, and their lives are changed. Starring Kirsti Torhaug and Michel Riddez in a tour de force duet performance, the script was co-written by award winning filmmaker Robert Fritz and the film’s male lead, Michel Riddez. Shot in Sweden in Swedish with English subtitles, the film is a unique love story about another chance in life. Directed by Robert Fritz.

Writer : Michel Riddez and CO Writer : Robert Fritz 

Director : Robert Fritz

Executive Producer : Michel Riddez and Rosalind Fritz & Terry Ortynsky

Cast : Kirsti Torhaud, Margareta Hjern, Matilde Riddez, Michel Riddez.

Country: Sweden / USA



Approaching normalApproaching Normal                    70min

When Andy returns to his family after twenty years to celebrate his father’s birthday, not everyone is happy to see him. Approaching Normal is about what it means to be a family, again.

Director : Zack Bernstein

Producer : Zack Bernstein and James Bass Executive Producer: James Bass 

Country: USA