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Session 27               Saturday April 19


2:30pm – 4:30pm


We Could be Your ParentWe Could Be Your Parents      18min

Sue wants to have a baby, but first she needs her husband to quit smoking. Bob has been trying and failing for months now, so Sue gives him some added incentive: no sex until he successfully quits.

Writer, Director: Charlie Anderson

Producer : David Wells

Cast : Alex Karpovsky, Alycia Delmore, Melissa Brown, Michael Tully.

Country: USA


I am Obsessed with youI’m Obsessed With You (But You’ve Got To Leave Me Alone)         99min 

When a magnetic movie star crashes their party, four collegiate comedians are forced to confront the group’s friendship and future. Set on a rural ivy league college campus, New York City and the beaches of Long Island, the characters of ‘I’m Obsessed With You’ grapple with addiction, anxiety disorders, love, and fleeting fame. Not your average college comedy, this quirky, contemplative film asks, can you live life by the rules that govern your art? This is a movie for anyone whose ever fallen in love with their friends, for those of us who’ve pursued an unconventional life; those of us who recognize that our individual creations are simply the sum of the people who fascinate us. It’s comedy, taken seriously.

Writer : Genevieve Adams

Director : Jasiek Goracy 

Producer : Genevieve Adams and Jasiek Goracy

Cast : Rachel Brosnahan, Manish Dayal, Thomas McDonell, Jason Ralph, Genevieve Adams, Olek Krupa, Clark Moore, Xiao Wang, Jamie Horton,  Austin Purnell, Neil Casey. 

Country: USA