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Session 25                 Friday April 18


8:00pm – 10:00pm


LookingLooking                      26min 

Transplanted into a new reality, two pairs of strangers trek through deep woods in search of the life they once knew. They are forced to rely on each other to survive when they discover they are not the only beings wandering the forest; something stalks them in the night.

Writer , Director : Alex Cantatore

Executive Producer : Amanda Spinella

Cast : Alex Cantatore, Alex Lonati, Amanda Spinella, Andrew Asper, Brooke Norris, Giovanni Naarendorp, Kristen Parker.

Country: USA


Damn Foreigners PosterDamn Foreigners               100min

A hard-working Middle Eastern man learns the bitter truth about what it means to be an American citizen as a foreigner.  In the middle of having dinner with his new bride one night, DR. ALI ARIA, gets the front door of his house kicked in by police. Confused and scared, he and his wife, NEDA, obey the harsh commands of an imposing Officer who yells orders at them. Dr. Ali is handcuffed and led out of his own home and thrown into the back seat of a police car like a common criminal. Ignoring his desperate pleas to gain even the slightest understanding of what exactly he is being arrested for, the police ruthlessly take Dr. Ali into custody.

Writer , Director , Producer : Saeed Khoze

Cast : David Golshan, Joseph utomakilli, Peter Holt, Afsin sosidar, Ali Afshar, Angie Light, Anna Ross, Beejan Land, Bill Lewis, David Jason Perez, Deja Dee, Dominic Bagarozzi, Donn Emerson, Dusty Sorg, Elijah Baughman, Estrella Norri, Georges Steeves, Gregg Perrie, Joe Fedio, Karen landry, Kelly Mcneil, Kenny Ray powell, Kevin Fry-Bowers, Loren Lester, Mara New, Marianne Muellerleile, Mark Sande, Michaeel W . Henry, Michelle Flanagan, Mo Abdul-Zelof, Nicole koval, Paul a rose Jr, Peter Maley, Raghu Bhagat, Richie Nathanson, Robert Merrill,Ryan Clearly, Sara Burgess, Scott Engrotti, Steven Soro, Tian Wang, Don Harris.

Country: USA