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Session 23              Friday April 18


3:30pm – 5:30pm


Cold QietCold Quiet              12min

Michael, a troubled young man, returns to his old camp to confront his abuser, the camp director. Michael tries to force the camp director to call the police and confess, but this plan is abandoned when it is revealed that the camp director is still practicing his abuse on other young boys.

Writer, Director: Brian Stone

Producer: Alyssa Amer

Cast: Anthony D’elia, Clark Olivier, David Douglas, Eamon Fahey.

Country: USA


Atrium Atrium               12min

In the home of an upscale couple, something is awry. Travis must confront his wife about her deteriorating mental state, but is not sure how. An unsettling incident throws their lives out of balance and reveals a dark mystery.

Writer, Director, Producer: Dave Paige

Cast: Sara Jester, Sam Zuckerman, Kevan Hewett, Laura Glascott, M Jennings , Pejay Pellizzari.

Country: USA


espera posterLa Espera Desespera              97min

Leading a conformist life in the 21st century, after the economic crisis, there is a man whose life is about to take a turn. In the midst of a simple life, Jorge finds himself thinking the unthinkable. After his wife has been diagnosed with a severe heart condition, Jorge realizes he is in no economic condition to pay for the life-saving surgery that doctors’ recommend. He has two choices; he either commits a crime or lets his wife die. However he comes up with a plan after being influenced by bank- robber movies, with such inspiration what could possibly go wrong? 

Writer, Director: Coraly Santaliz

Producer: Maria Jose Delgado , Walter Santaliz

Cast: Carlos Marchand, Lynnette Salas, Marise Alvarez.

Country: Puerto Rico