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Session 20                Thursday April 17


4:00pm – 6:00pm

MontaukMontauk                  16min

Elisabeth’s husband commits suicide. His last wish was to travel to Montauk where the couple met years ago. So Elisabeth embarks on a last journey from Switzerland to the US together with the ashes of her late husband. A journey synonymous with anger, acceptance and reconciliation.

Writer, Director:Vinz Feller

Executive Producer: Sabine Schenk 

Cast: Emilio Delgado, Hansrudolf Twerenbold, Linda Geiser.

Country: Switzerland


Perfect Day                    16min

Desmond, an intellectual loner, is thinking today about two things, how to steer clear of the chaos in his high school and how to get the attention of Aasha, the class beauty. When he discovers he has his own secret admirer, the day becomes a race to the possibilities of love.

Writer, Director : Derrick L. Sanders

Executive Producer: Derrick L . Sanders, Brian Tucker, Chadwick Boseman, Deb Clapp.

Country: USA