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Session 2              Saturday April 12  

12:00pm – 2:00pm        



ADIOS Adios              10min

Adios, ( Goodbye) is a short film about a popular religious belief of the Dominican culture, where some people who die but yet had not accomplished something very important in their life after dead their souls will still go around trying to accomplished that particular matter before resting in peace.

Director : Darwin Ayala

Country: Santo Domingo


The TheftThe Theft               21min

7 year old Arjun and his mother Ira have just moved from the US to Mumbai, India. Pandu, is their new ‘servant’ and shy 8 year old Bhima is Pandu’s son. One afternoon, a large sum of money goes missing from Ira’s home and they are all thrown into a storm of revelations when Ira accuses Pandu of the theft. Could Ira be right? For there is in fact a silent witness to Pandu stealing from Ira’s bedroom that afternoon OR Could Ira be blindsided? For there has been one other visitor to her home that day before Pandu and Bhima arrived. Will they find the truth? Come uncover, The THEFT.

Writer, Director: Gauri Adelkar

Executive Producer Nilay Pradhan

Cast : Ajay Jain, Ayush Mitra, Java Joshi, Omayr Kazi, Sanaa Kazi

Country: USA / India


El Cielo es Azul El Cielo Es Azul (The sky is Blue)                  91min

El Cielo Es Azul is a comedy about two rich kids from Mexico, Oscar and Arturo who came to New York City to party, are caught up in an illegal Homeland Security shakedown. They must run from a corrupt INS agent. Through a series of misadventures leading to what might be considered criminal behavior they end up in the Hamptons. In order to get back home they must forge new identities by befriending the local Mexican community. The misadventures continue…

Writer, Director, Executive Producer : Andrew Fierberg

Cast : Barbara Sukowa, Miguel Rodarte, Osvaldo Benavides, Reg Rogers, Stephanie Sigman

Country: Mexico