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Session 18          Wednesday April 16


6:30pm – 8:00pm


The Black Dahlia Ballet               7min

An aspiring young dancer is cast to portray the infamous murder of Elizabeth Short in a dance production called The Black Dahlia Ballet. But as she dives deeper into the role, the lines between reality and fantasy become increasingly blurred until she begins to question her own identity and sanity.

Writer, Director Steven Espinosa.

Country: USA



Death and the Robot Poster - smallDeath And the Robot           12min

Two lonely souls, bored of their safe havens, venture into new worlds and share an encounter that will nurture a friendship and an everlasting legacy.

Writer, Director : Austin Taylor, Alexander Thompson

Producer : Alexander Thompson, Julia Festa.

Country: USA



PrimaPrima                                  56 min

‘Prima’ is a portrait of Larissa Ponomarenko, Prima Ballerina of the Boston Ballet. Through flashbacks to her journey from the childhood and difficult training in Russia to her emergence as the prima ballerina of Boston Ballet, the film captures the vitality and beauty of her dance. It is a story of hard work and determination, of devotion to the arts, and of an extraordinary dancer’s transition from the stage, to her new life as mentor for aspiring dancers who follow in her footsteps. After dancing Russian classic ballet, Larissa pushes the boundaries, displaying the soulful exuberance of dance. Her body language tells her deep personal story in a most beautiful and unconventional manner, the story of the ordinary life of one extra-ordinary person.

Writer, Producer, Director: Tatyana Bronstein

Cast: Larissa Ponomarenko, Viktor Plotnikov.

Country: USA