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Session 17          Wednesday April 16


4:00pm – 6:00pm


Sky Burial Sky Burial                 11min 

The morning after Soyeon’s at-home abortion, in her guilt over throwing out the fetus, she rushes to retrieve it, only to discover it has been taken by a homeless man.

Writer, Director : Gilsub Choi

Producer :  Adella Kim

Country: USA


The Bad Days                    12min

As a middle-aged couple struggles to survive the apocalypse tucked away in their New York apartment, unassuming wife Marjorie is forced to make a terrifying decision as terror threatens both from without and within. ‘The Bad Days’ is rife with both physical and psychological horrors, but, despite the apparent despair, is everything truly as it seems?

Writer, Director : Gregory Keras

Producer : John Murphy, Paul Kloss

Cast : Diana Streater, John MacCann

Country: USA


crea affiche Le Train Bleu (manteau)Vs10pdfLe Train Bleu                 18min 

Paris – Gare De Lyon. Helie behaves as a true bounder, Selena, evermore in love, still wants to pick up the pieces. At the bar of ‘Le Train Bleu’, where they stop to have a last drink, neither one cannot imagine what will happen …

Writer, Director,  Producer : Stephanie Assimacopoulo 

Cast : Camille Figuereo , Daniel Duval, Etienne Fague, Jando Graziani,Joel Virgel, Josee Drevon

Country: USA


Seasick Sailor                22min

A lonely teenager working as a ‘debt collector’ for an underground gambling ring in Los Angeles, desperately tries to fit in with a new group of friends while balancing the responsibilities of his job.

Writer Director : Torre Catalano 

Executive Producer : Martha Macsiaac

Cast : Al Sapienza, Brandon Jay McLaren, Emily Osment, Fran Kranz, Keir Gilchrist, Martha Maclsaac, Martin Starr, Steven Bauer.

Country: USA


Venison Eaters                40min  

A family’s savage history haunts a father and son on their first hunting trip together.

A father and son on their first hunting trip together. The trip is meant to be a bonding experience for Eli, who has rarely seen his father since his parents’ divorce. Father plans on the trip being Eli’s entry into manhood with his son getting his first kill. This trip reveals Eli’s family heritage and the discoveries he makes, however, are darker than he ever imagined and he is forced to become a man if he intends on leaving the woods with his life.

Writer: Keenan Porterfield 

Director : Jordan Taratoot

Producer : Nick Gonzalez

Cast : Alan Eaglewolf, Chris Kies, Steven Saint Gelais 

Country: USA