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Session 15                Tuesday April 15


6:00pm – 7:30pm


The Accident The Accident                   10 min

Rebecca and Charles live the good life in a sweet house with their perfect children. But today Rebecca has to ask Charles a question that will change their life forever. The Accident is a wicked dark comedy about golf bags, birds, and the meaning of true love.

Writer: Ronan Noone 

Director: Steve Dunayer

 Executive Producer: Kris Meyer, Steve Dunayer

Cast: Andrew Rothenberg, Mary McCann.

Country: USA


Tale of a Raindrop Tale of A Raindrop                         70 min

This is a story of a young woman and her coming of age in Japan. In the winter before her college graduation, Michiru received a letter from a girl. Apparently, they are sisters who shared the same father. The letter explained their father who has left Michiru from her birth. Even though she had never cared about him, the fact about his existence spread within her. As she explored about him, she experiences irresistible youth and separations in her life. The youth of a girl is ‘like the music pouring out from the world,’ and fragile like a raindrop.

Writer: Ryutaro Nakagawa, Shun Amano, Tiaki Ikeda, Yoichi Emoto

Director: Ryutaro Nakagawa, Shun Amano, Tsuyoshi Ishimori, Yoichi Emoto, 

Executive Producer: Hikaru Kinouchi, Takashi Fujimura

Cast: Mio Minami, Mizuki Nishiyama, Koji Alan, Mei Nagaoka, Misaki Katano, Noa Sakakibayashi, Rei Amaya, Ryutaro Hirai, Sosuke Ikematsu, Takashi Fujimura, Tomonori Hirayama.

Country: Japan