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Session 14               Tuesday April 15


3:30pm – 5:30pm


Saudade Saudade         111 min

Miguel is a 17 year-old boy that sees the future as a distant horizon, immersed in his bubble of friends and a sketchbook full of sentimental poems. ‘Saudade’ is the portrait of a threshold: the end of high school, which we experience through Miguel. Set amidst the backdrop of the Ecuadorian economic crisis of 1999, ‘Saudade’ tackles notions of economic dislocation, friendship, family and young love while juxtaposing the crumbling of Miguel’s life, against the crumbling of his country.

Writer: Juan Carlos Donoso Gomez

Director: Juan Carlos Donoso Gomez

Executive Producer: Claudio Bartel, Jason Levangie, Marc Tetreault, Sarahi Echeverria

Cast: Francisco Baquerizo Racines, Jessica Barahona de Prada, Joaquin Davila Romoleroux, Jose Luis Trujillo, Pia Aguirre Duarte.

Country: Argentina / Ecuador