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Session 13               Tuesday April 15


1:30pm – 3:00pm


Gordie Gordie             10min

‘Gordie’ is a self-authored documentary that tells the story of a Tlingit First Nation man who continues to struggle with the trauma of a devastating childhood event.

Writer, Producer, Director: Traolach O Murchu

Country: Canada


Door God Door God                       23 min

On Chinese New Year, a little girl learns reality is not what it seems as she discovers how betrayal can be done out of love.

Writer, Director: Yulin Liu

Executive Producer: Di Cheng

Casting: Xinxin Niu, Hai Mao, Qian Li, Qing Wei

Country: China



Hungry man Hungry Man                       17min

Declan Greene and his psychotic tapeworm have tasted every forbidden food on earth, but when Declan falls for the young and curious Jennifer Feathers in the bowels of a decaying inner-city hotel, the worm manipulates Declan in to pursuing the one delicacy they have yet to sample – human flesh.

Writer, Director: Jordan Prosser

Producer: Steven McKinnon

Cast: Brendan Barnett, Nicola Frew, Kristin Holland, John Jenkins, Tim Ferris, Robert Grubb.

Country: Australia


Karaganda                       25min

A Jewish prisoner in a 1950s Soviet prison camp is on a mission to find his wife. 

Writer, Director: Max Weissberg

Producer: Shira Aharony

Cast: Konstantin Lavysh, Nikita Bogolyubov.

Country: USA / Russia