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Session 11               Monday April 14

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Truth Has FallenTruth Has Fallen                60 min

Truth Has Fallen is a one-hour animation and live action documentary about three innocent people wrongfully convicted of murder. The film describes the advocacy work of James McCloskey, whose Centurion Ministries organization re-investigates murder cases where a miscarriage of justice may have occurred, including these three. 

Director: Sheila Sofian

Executive Producer: David Fain

Country: USA


5:30pm – 6:45pm

Dog on the inside Dogs on The Inside         67 min

Filmed in a Massachusetts prison, DOGS ON THE INSIDE follows the birth of a relationship between neglected and abused dogs and prison inmates as they work together toward a second chance at a better life. Giving a voice to a forgotten dog and a forgotten man, the film is a life-affirming testament to the power of second chances.

Director: Brean Cunningham, Douglas Seirup

Executive Producer: Cindy Meehl

Country: USA