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Session 10               Monday April 14


2:00pm – 3:30pm


THE VISION OF PAOLO SOLERI: Prophet in the Desert          88min

It is the story of an unprecedented artistic quest. Born in Torino, Italy 1919, Soleri came to America to mentor under Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin West, Arizona. After one and a half years, Soleri left Wright to embark on a blazing original course of his own. Paolo Soleri’s life’s work has been an uncompromising search for the transcendent in the design and creation of self sustained human habitats. Few architects have proposed more ambitious design, and been less prone to compromise. Though at age ninety-three years old, continues to work prolifically in the Arizona desert, Soleri’s vision remains largely unrealized. as he Given the current global crisis, Soleri’s life’s work has become increasingly relevant to our world dilemma, and his ideologies, prophetic.

Writer, Producer, Director: Lisa Scafuro

Cast: Abel Alday, Catherine Hardwicke, Charles Montooth, Elizabeth Mock Kassler, Eric Lloyd Wright, Giancarlo Solimene, Giovanna Solimene, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Morley Safe, Paolo Soleri, Paul Goldberger, Steven Holl, Will Wright, Will Bruder.

Country: USA