Session 9
Sunday April 19, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Love & Roadkill                                 14min

Her car stalled in upstate New York, a Manhattan woman
must depend on a local man for help. Their brief encounter
confronts questions of trust, death and random violence.
Based on the one-act play by Rose Caruso.

Cast: Bill Camp, Madeleine Potter
Writer: Elisabeth Lewis Corley, Rose Caruso (Author of
Adapted Material)
Director: John Allen
Producer: John Allen, Laura Heberton, James Ivory
(Executive Producer)
DP: Martin Ahlgren


No Good Reason                                 11min

Musicians and singers from around the country, people who
have never met and who are currently or recently homeless,
gather in Boston to record a song written by a 15-year girl
who was homeless when she wrote it. Natalie Merchant
(formerly of 10,000 Maniacs) has less than three days to
arrange and record the song - in a process that normally
takes weeks or months. Working with several artists who
have never set foot in a recording studio, Ms. Merchant
completes the track, which winds up on a new CD featuring
artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Jewel,
Bonnie Raitt and many others partnering with unknown
artists who are currently or recently homeless. The goal: to
increase awareness of homelessness in America.

Directed by Michael Mierendorf
Written and Edited by Lawrence Marshall
Cameras:  Michael Mierendorf and Lawrence Marshall
Location Audio:  Frank Coakley and Michael Vitti
Co-Director: Lawrence Marshall
Executive Producer: John McGah

Executive Director, Give US Your Poor:  John McGah

An initiative of the University of Massachusetts Boston,
McCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies


Strawberry Fields:
Keeping the Spirit of John Lennon Alive        81min

Strawberry Fields Features: In his first in-depth interview in
over thirty years Phil Spector tells stories about 'his brother'
John Lennon, their love for each other and the wonderful
music they produced. Almost one million fans from every
corner of Earth visit Strawberry Fields and the Imagine
mosaic each year. Our film documents their outpouring of
love for John Lennon with dozens of fan interviews filmed
over the last seven years. A photographic narration with all
original music documenting the many milestones in the life of
John Lennon from birth through assassination. Let us honor
our greatest singer-songwriter and the most influential
political artist of the 20th century with an International holiday
every October 9th.

Writers: Corinne Daniela, Mark R. Elsis
Director, Producer: Mark R. Elsis
Associate Producer: Sarah Ford
Editors: Jason Letkiewicz, Phil Chiocchio
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